OneRagtime at VivaTech 2021

From left to right: Axel Dauchez (Make.Org), Stéphanie Hospital (OneRagtime), Pascal Cagni (Business France) and Michael Rickwood (Ideas on Stage).

On June 14th, our team OneRagtime — Stéphanie Hospital, CEO and Founder and César Chanut, Oscar Péribère and Pauline d’Arthuys — attended the 5th edition of Vivatech’s annual events dedicated to startup growth and business change. What a blast to be all together again!

VivaTech was created only in 2016 yet it has become one of Europe’s leading tech gatherings in France as the French Tech and European Tech are just booming.

VivaTech adapted this year to a hybrid model allowing 26,000 participants to join in-person and 114,000 online. The ability to be in-person again was a truly appreciated experience that granted engaging and convivial interactions with the people there. It was super enriching meeting investors, speakers, entrepreneurs and startups.

During the three days, VivaTech hosted many incredible speakers, including Michel Combes and Marcelo Claure from Softbank. They were invited to exchange about Softbank and its amazing journey in Venture Capital. During the interview, Michel talked about the recent Softbank’s fundraise in Jellysmack, now a unicorn and the first investment ever of the OneRagtime portfolio! Jellysmack’s focus is on the creator’s economy.

We are delighted that Softbank believes in Jellysmack’s vision as we did when we invested at the inception of the company. We share Softbank investment thesis: “Great entrepreneurs disrupting traditional sectors with Artificial Intelligence.”

OneRagtime’s Founder and CEO, Stéphanie Hospital, engaged as a speaker in a discussion alongside Michael Rickwood, Chief Coaching Officer at Ideas on Stage, about her story in the tech sector.

“All the projects and technology that we work on today really have the potential to change people’s lives, and that’s why we do it”, said Stéphanie while explaining what the venture capital fund she founded, OneRagtime, does.

Many of OneRagtime’s portfolio companies were at Vivatech :

From left to right: Raphaël Jabol (Avostart), Stéphanie Hospital (OneRagtime) and Jean-Denis Garo ( with Jean-Denis Garo : a B2B deep tech startup that develops and distributes solutions for automation & business support through explainable & frugal AI language analysis. Part of La Poste booth (one of the biggest exhibitors at the event and a platinum partner of Viva Technology).

Avostart with Raphaël Jabol : another B2B startup offering a platform for all types of legal assistance. Also, part of La Poste Booth

ExactCure with Frédéric Dayan, Sylvain Benito and Fabien Astic : a B2B and B2C startup, an app and online platform helping patients with the management of medicine intake. Part of the Huawei booth

Also present this year:

Hoomano with Xavier Basset and Cyril Maitrejean : it is an Artificial Intelligence software enabling social interaction with machines.

Make.Org with Axel Dauchez : it is an independent and European civic tech aimed at reactivating democracies by engaging citizens in collaborative transformative actions. They participated in the conference “Education: can tech make learning better? Fun fact, Axel launched Vivatech when he was at Publicis (thanks Axel)!

And last but not least, our own Taig Khris announced this game-changing partnership with Microsoft Teams. Taig Khris is the CEO of Onoff, the first telecom operator in the cloud, allowing users to manage multiple numbers and to switch them “on” or “off” with one click and Onoff has recently partnered with Microsoft Teams to have their numbers integrated into the platform. Exciting news!!

Viva Technology was a fantastic opportunity for startups to connect with their customers, large corporations, users and audiences.

Thank you to Julie Ranty — manager director at VivaTech who let us have the opportunity to be a part of the event, July Avedissian who guided us during the experience, Marin Soullier who is in charge of investor relations for organising and making this event memorable and of course Pierre Louette, CEO of Les Echos and Maurice Levy for hosting us and making this event so special and unique.

by Capucine Verbrugge

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